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Humour is the spicy of life! MIGHT BE NOT SAFE FOR WORK! (under your criteria!)

But also I think that by humour most of the society’s problems and behavior is explained and talked about… One of the typical sketches and routines the most famous comedian have made are the “Men and Women” routines… and It’s funny because most of the quotes are true! and you feel related and confortable, but in the end you are laughing at yourself!, saying “Oh my god thats so true!!!” or you probably know someone who is like that!

Well I love black humor I think they do an awesome work explaining our society and our problems, using a very simple and humble point of view… Let me know what you think about this one in particular, Dave Chapelle talking about men and women psychology! I know he uses a lot of bad words, but most of the things he sy are true! (and very funny by the way!)

I hope you enjoy the video and post your comments below! FEEDBACK IS GREATLY THANKED!!

Bonne SoiRe followers!



PD: the video!


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