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What is Masculism?

As Jia explained it on her article about Man can and Mother , Man are more and more fighting for their paternity rights. Let’s talk about Masculinism.
Masculinism is define in the Larousse Dictionnary as the “state of a feminine subject which presents some of the secondary sexual characters of the man”.
I will not discuss of that aspect of Masculinism, but of the aspect which is absent of the dictionary, Masculinism as opposite to Feminism.
So let’s take a definition of feminism, which is in the dictionary. We find at the first point in the Larousse Dictionnary: “movement fighting for the amelioration of women rights and place in the society”.
By assimilation, we could define masculinism as a movement fighting for men rights and place in the society.
The question is although: in what could we say that men are discriminated?
*Legislation: for the same crime, men and women don’t suffer of the same severity.
As we can see of this table, that is true that more men (41%) receive determined long term imprisonment than women, but the percent of women going to prison for life are more important than the percent of men. This revendication is although to balance.
But what we can highlight in the legislation is that it is really in favor of mother than father.

Only 9% of the father keep their child after a separation or a divorce, against 84% of the women (those number are from 1994, but the trend is still the same) They ask for same parental rights as mother (in France, only three day for the born of a child and 11 days of paternity vacancy).
They ask for free paternity tests, and for “pills for men” too.
*The security of men: they often are considered as stronger as women, and don’t have the same possibilities to be helped if they feel unsecured.
*The pressure which is learnt to men to protect their family, their wife, … Feminists recognize that fact too. Men often think they have to bring the money home to make the family live, and there are more and more example of men who hide their money problem to their family because they feel ashamed about it. Numerous couple let the managing of money to one the couple, often the man, and the wife does not have any idea of what is on the count, she worried about the house and children problem.

So, men, when will you go striking on the streets for your rights?



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