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What is Feminism?

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Today, we decided to tackle with the notion of Feminism! Don’t get scared right now (!), we are just going to give you a definition and information about the subject.

”  The most straightforward definition of feminism says that is a movement for social, cultural, political and economic equality of men and women. It is a campaign against gender inequalities and it strives for equal rights for women. Feminism can be also defined as the right to enough information available to every single woman so that she can make a choice to live a life which is not discriminatory and which works within the principles of social, cultural, political and economic equality and independence.

Feminism can be also defined as a global phenomenon which addresses various issues related to women across the world in a specific manner as applicable to a particular culture or society. Though the issues related to feminism may differ for different societies and culture but they are broadly tied together with the underlying philosophy of achieving equality of gender in every sphere of life. So feminism cannot be tied to any narrow definitions based on a particular class, race or religion. “

— Sanjay Kali, doctor in the pharmaceutical industry who writes a blog about “the rise of womanhood”

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/1697184

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One comment on “What is Feminism?

  1. I commented on another post of yours and found this article as well. I don’t mean to spam your blog but I had a post that I think you might want to check out that pertained to this post of yours as well. Different people think a lot of different things about feminism. A lot of people are uneducated. What do you think of this article?http://postmasculine.com/why-im-not-a-feminist

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